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First documentary series about Natura 2000 in Romania available online
The first documentary series 'Natura 2000' dedicated to the Romania will be available for the first time online, as part of the national awareness campaign InfoNatura2000 undertaken by the National Centre for Sustainable Development in Bucharest (CNDD) in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MMSC). 'Natura 2000 in Romania' has seven episodes lasting 52 minutes each. The first six episodes are presenting the biogeographical regions: pontic (euxinic), the steppe and the alpine regions (two parts), the last episode containing a synthesis. According to the CNDD recordings were made between 2011-2012 during 12 months in all four seasons, with representatives images having captured for the protected species and habitats. The documentary, available on the website, includes aerial footage of mountain areas made in different weather conditions, shooting underwater, presentation of human economic activities, tourism and agriculture, interviews with experts in nature protection, representatives of authorities of environmental protection, foreign and Romanian tourists. 'The main purpose of the European Natura 2000 network is to find solutions to allow conducting environmentally friendly economic activities simultaneously with the protection of biodiversity. It is not intended to forbid human activities, prohibit the free movement of persons or limit the right to property. Natura 2000 sites offer the opportunity of developing ecotourism activities, grazing and mowing activities, developing organic farming which would increase the value of local products, developing traditional crafts. 530 Natura 2000 sites were reported in Romania so', is mentioned in a press release of the CNDD. The project is financed by the European Union through the Sectoral Operational Programme Environment; Priority Axis 4: 'Implementation of Adequate Management Systems for Nature Protection'; Main Intervention Area: 'Development of Infrastructure and Management Plans for the Protection of Biodiversity and Natura 2000 Network' and is implemented by the Foundation National Centre for Sustainable Development, Bucharest, Romania. The duration of the project is 36 months, to be implemented between December 14, 2010, and December 30, 2013. (Agerpres)
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